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Do pets really need grooming during the winter months?

Grooming During Winter Months

There is a common misconception that pets should not be bathed or clipped during the winter months so that their fur can grow long and protect them from the cold. The truth is that animals, like humans, feel better when they are clean, comfortable and healthy! Many times when the fur is allowed to grow long without proper regular grooming, their coat becomes dirty and matted. This is why groomers often have no choice but to shave pet’s fur down short in the spring due to thick mats and tangles. Sometimes these tangles can be removed with special tools and extra time. However, depending on the severity of coat damage, the de-matting process can be painful and lengthy in which the best and most humane option is shaving the fur short and starting over.

If you would prefer to keep your pet’s coat long during the cooler months, a touch up groom may best suit your needs. This involves a thorough bath, brushing, sanitary trim, feet trim, face trim, ear cleaning and nail trim. (We can customize this for you and your pet’s needs.) You will also likely need to do extra brushing at home due to the longer coat to keep it tangle free in between groomer visits.

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