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Like many professions, grooming and boarding are both changing over time. Time brings new trends, products, safety measures and a ever growing knowledge pool from which to draw. This is why every year we at Cain's attend conferences and competitions to stay up to date and provide our customers with the cutting edge knowledge and products that our pets deserve. "Asian Fusion" grooming is one of these new trends hitting the grooming scene. The trend stems from (as the name suggests) asian grooming shops who have pushed the boundaries of traditional "breed standards" to create bold new looks for many common breeds. These dramatic looks are not for everyone, but they are just one example of why attending shows, conferences and competing in grooming contests (and winning ;)) shows our ongoing commitment to providing a unique experience to our customers and their pet children. We plan on bringing new knowledge and products back year after year, and hope that as our customers you will enjoy the results. If you're interested in trying out a dramatic new style such as an asian fusion style, a more traditional breed standard or anything between, we would be happy to sit down with you and figure out a look that matches you and your pet's unique personalities! Please keep in mind that it is best to schedule an appointment for any Asian Fusion grooms.

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